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A Summary Research on Chinese Women's Competitive Sports—Take the Window Period (1990-2000) as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/aeiit.2022.021


Qisheng Liu, Bin Long, Fang Li, Liqing Zhang, Aihua Qiu

Corresponding Author

Qisheng Liu


The 1990s was a window period for the development of Chinese women's competitive sports, and a large number of relevant research documents emerged. This article has conducted statistics and combing the related literature of women's competitive sports in the 1990s, and the results found: (1) There were few related studies in the 1990s, especially high-quality articles, and the research content was mostly in the direction of training; (2) Related Scholars in the field publish fewer articles and have a single field; (3) The research topics are relatively single, which is mainly reflected in the fact that most of the research projects are traditional Chinese superior projects, and other projects are less researched and the results are limited; (4) In the future women’s sports in the process of sports development, more attention should be paid to starting from reality, focusing on solving women's actual problems, and consolidating women's social status; it is necessary to promote the multidisciplinary integration of related research; research methods and research tools should also be diversified.


Women, Competitive Sports, Window Period, Status Quo, Literature Distribution, Characteristics