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Difficulties and Countermeasures in Realizing the Identity of "Double Qualified" Teachers in Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/aeiit.2022.019


Fan Ke, Xianyu Fu, Chonglai Su

Corresponding Author

Chonglai Su


According to current situation of the cultivation of traditional teachers' theoretical teaching literacy in vocational colleges, this paper proposes the requirements of the cultivation of practical teaching literacy. Based on the construction of productive training bases and productive training projects in vocational colleges, this paper establishes a compensation mechanism to motivate teachers to study part-time in enterprises and improve their practical ability. Teachers design training content according to students' ability and lead student teams to complete the project. During the project implementation, they help students supplement theoretical knowledge to improve learning efficiency. Based on these countermeasures, the successful transformation of teachers' dual identity can be effectively realized.


Vocational colleges, Teacher, "Double qualified" teachers, Transformation