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Analysis of the function of course groups for material science and engineering specialty under the background of engineering certification

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DOI: 10.25236/aeiit.2022.018


Nengwei Wang

Corresponding Author

Nengwei Wang


Engineering certification highlights the three major theories of "Student-Centered, Outcomes-based Education and Continuous Improvement". The course group, as a modular division of the course system, is conducive to the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality. In this paper, based on materials science and engineering specialty course system as an example, the course of the implementation of OBE concept, course system optimized, the curriculum target optimized, teaching reform promoted and continuous improvement are analyzed. The curriculum system is divided into course groups, research shows that the effectiveness of teaching has been improved, it has a very obvious effect on improving students' comprehensive ability through the course of operation.


Engineering certification, Course group, modular, Materials science and engineering