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Exploration and Practice of Curriculum Group Construction with "Clothing Ergonomics" as the Core from Curriculum at the Background of Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.25236/aeiit.2022.006


Tong Yao, Li Pan, Pei Liu, Xing Chen

Corresponding Author

Tong Yao


Under the background of curriculum ideological and political construction, this paper analyzes the teaching status of "Clothing Ergonomics", probes into the path of carrying out the curriculum ideological and political construction, and establishes the ideological and political construction system of the core curriculum group of "Clothing Ergonomics" with "one main line, multiple connections, innovation in thinking and doing, and the combination of morality and technology". This paper discusses the necessity and ideas of curriculum group construction with "Clothing Ergonomics" as the core, expounds the construction method and implementation scheme of curriculum group, and divides the core curriculum of service engineering specialty into three modules: foundation consolidation, specialty promotion and scientific research innovation. In the process of teaching, a reasonable curriculum system is formed, and students' ability and quality are improved step by step.


Ideological and political education;"Clothing Ergonomics";Curriculum group