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Research on the innovation of "online + offline" hybrid instructional mode of physical education courses in institution of higher learning in the era of big data

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.039


Qunxi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Qunxi Zhang


The emergence of the "Internet + education" program has provided an opportunity. In recent years, the state has successively issued relevant documents to create a new talent training model in line with the times and share high-quality instructional resources. With the development of Internet technology in teaching activities in Institution of higher learning, institution of higher learning take online and offline teaching as the main form of teaching at this stage. Compared with the traditional instructional mode, this online and offline mixed instructional mode can enhance the interest of teaching, give students enough freedom in the classroom to acquire and learn learning materials, and fully mobilize students' enthusiasm. On this basis, build a big data based online learning platform, and propose a big data based learning behavior analysis and prediction model. Finally, a multi-dimensional integrated teaching comprehensive evaluation system combining online evaluation and offline evaluation, formative evaluation and summative evaluation is established. The evaluation system focuses on the learning process. Teachers can take intervention measures according to the pre-alarm situation to further improve the learning effect of students and achieve better learning results.


Big data era; Physical education courses; "online + offline"; Innovation research