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Regional Economic Research on Financial Agglomeration and Economic Growth

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.037


Jing Wu

Corresponding Author

Jing Wu


With the increasing frequency of financial activities and the rapid flow of global resources, the tentacles of the financial industry have touched every aspect of the economic development of countries all over the world. Under the background of the globalization of the world economy and the continuous advancement of information technology, the financial industry is constantly developing and growing, and the phenomenon of financial agglomeration is becoming more and more obvious, and many financial centers of different levels have been formed. The regional imbalance of China's financial agglomeration is very obvious, so it is necessary to increase its related theoretical research. This is of great guiding and strategic significance for the construction of the framework of spatial distribution analysis of financial resources. This paper studies the relationship between financial agglomeration and regional economy of economic growth, and it is easy to form financial agglomeration or financial contact center. Economists study this problem from the perspective of industrial economics, and get the formation reasons and mechanisms of financial contact center, etc. Recently, domestic researchers have also discussed financial agglomeration from the perspective of financial contact, which provides a new research perspective.


Financial agglomeration, economic growth, regional economy