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Research on the Reform of College Public English Teaching under the Mode of Applied Talents Training

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.034


Hua Zhang, Lihua Su

Corresponding Author

Hua Zhang


At present, the development trend of globalization has been deepening day by day. A large number of professional foreign language talents are needed in relevant foreign trade, foreign exchanges and international affairs. There is a strong demand for Applied Talents Majoring in English. Under the mode of cultivating applied talents, universities should reform and innovate English teaching and improve students' knowledge application ability. The reform of English teaching is imperative. Build a public English curriculum system for colleges and universities that can meet the needs of various industries and has practical application value. This paper mainly analyzes the current situation of the current demand for applied foreign language talents, analyzes the key aspects of the training of applied foreign language talents, and combines the problems existing in the current training of applied talents. Practical public English teaching system. Exploring the effective strategies of college English teaching reform for cultivating applied talents in colleges and universities.


Training mode of applied talents; Public English teaching; reform in education