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Research on the influence of new media on College English education in the information age

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.030


Yuan Sha

Corresponding Author

Yuan Sha


With the rapid development of the information age, more and more industries have increased the application of IT. By introducing IT into college English education, it stimulates students' interest in English learning and improves the effectiveness of English teaching. Nevertheless, in practical teaching, there are still many problems. At present, many schools in China have successively launched English courses for chemical engineering, which have distinct characteristics of subject knowledge. By focusing on the basics of chemical engineering, integrated equipment, chemical research theory, etc., they have built an independent English teaching system. In the era of new media, the teaching of chemical engineering English majors needs to fully combine the high-tech of the Internet and new media to achieve model innovation and effect improvement of English education. In recent years, the academic circles have published a series of reference books on the study of the influence of IT on English education in the new media era. The traditional teaching mode has been unable to meet the needs of college English courses. How to closely link IT with classroom teaching to optimize teachers' teaching and students' learning, and how to construct an efficient college English classroom under the background of IT are issues that contemporary college English teachers should seriously consider.


New media; Information technology; English education