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On the cultivation of students' core literacy in English subject teaching in colleges and universities

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.029


Si Qin

Corresponding Author

Si Qin


With the continuous development of globalization, English has become an indispensable language in people's life and communication. In the current school education, English learning is also regarded as the key content to carry out. Under the constant influence of the , the English subject in colleges and universities has gradually developed from the traditional "passive" teaching to the "active" teaching. Based on this, on the basis of cultivating the core literacy of English subjects, this paper orderly carries out college English reading teaching, uses reading skills to improve students' learning ability, improves practical teaching, and helps students establish good cultural character. Under the environment of the , in the process of College English teaching, we should not only pay attention to cultivating students' ability to use basic English knowledge, but also implement the training goal of students' English core literacy from the perspective of students' lifelong development needs, so that English teaching can meet the development needs of students and society, and improve the quality and value of College English teaching.


College English; Core literacy; Subject teaching