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Study on the Competencies of College English Teachers under the Goal of International Talent Cultivation

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.028


Li Peng

Corresponding Author

Li Peng


In the tide of internationalization of education, it has brought challenges to the traditional teaching mode. In order to meet the needs of globalization and China’s social development, college English education reform is trying to cultivate a group of international talents with solid basic language skills, extensive knowledge, broad international vision and good communication skills. Under this background, higher requirements are put forward for the professional development of modern college teachers. Starting with the overview of internationalization of higher education, this paper probes into how the teachers in colleges improve their competencies and take full advantage of college English teaching to promote international courses and cultivate modern college students who are suitable for the international development trend.


International talents; college English teaching; teacher’s competencies