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Research on the centralized bidding procurement system of drugs in China and its reform supporting measures

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.025


Lijie Li

Corresponding Author

Lijie Li


In recent years, with the aging of population, the change of human disease spectrum and the progress of medical technology, China's medical expenditure has shown a rapid growth trend, which has become a hot issue of great concern. The centralized bidding and purchasing system of drugs is an important measure in the reform of China's medical and health system. It aims to correct the unhealthy trend in the process of drug purchase and sale, reduce the inflated drug prices, and alleviate the problem of "expensive medical treatment" for ordinary people.In China, we continue to explore and improve the centralized bidding and procurement system of drugs, which has restrained the occurrence of collusion and corruption and the abuse of power and responsibility to a certain extent. The implementation of drug centralized bidding procurement policy has also made some achievements, but there are also some problems in the implementation process. This paper analyzes the problems in drug centralized bidding procurement, puts forward improvement measures, and puts forward corresponding suggestions for the adjustment and reform of China's drug centralized procurement system.


Centralized bidding procurement of drugs; Problems;measures