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Teaching reform and practice of elderly nursing talent training from the perspective of active aging -- Taking the digital platform as the medium

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.024


Xuehua Lai, Biheng Zhang, Yiyang Jin

Corresponding Author

Xuehua Lai


In the context of the accelerating aging of the population and the rapid development of the elderly care service industry, the society's demand for elderly care talents and the requirements for service quality continue to increase. By reforming the training mode of senior nursing talents based on modern apprenticeship and applying it to practical teaching, this paper explores the training scheme suitable for modern apprenticeship, improves the quality of personnel training and meets the needs of enterprises/industries. In order to solve the problems, the article proposes to build a "four linkage" coordination mechanism of government school linkage, bank school linkage, school school linkage and school enterprise linkage, establish a "Four Integration" industry education integration mechanism of team integration, curriculum integration, base integration and technology integration, and implement the "three integration" comprehensive education reform of integrating enrollment and recruitment, connecting secondary and higher vocational education and training, so as to form distinctive An effective new training model for elderly nursing talents. Starting with the general situation of higher vocational nursing talent training mode, this paper analyzes some problems existing in higher vocational nursing education, and summarizes the ways of talent training mode reform, so as to provide reference for deepening the practice and research of higher vocational nursing education reform.


Elderly care; Talent training mode; Reform