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Scientific orientation and development trend of innovative and entrepreneurial education concept from the perspective of "Internet +"

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.022


Huang Zhecheng

Corresponding Author

Huang Zhecheng


Under the guidance of the national strategic plan of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" and the policy ofenterprise education education, colleges and universities across the country attach great importance toenterprise education education, and some colleges and universities have also adopted corresponding policy measures. This article builds an educational ecological platform based on the perspective of "Internet +" Research, analyze some deficiencies in today's educational ecology, and study the relationship between various factors in educational ecology. It is proposed to use the idea of ecosystem to build a platform with resource integration, strong cohesion, and expansion; Sexual assessment, a platform for bus-type development. Promote the coordinated development of College Students'enterprise education education, and provide reference for the construction ofenterprise education education ecosystem in China The application of Internet technology is becoming more and more common in people's daily life. Relevant intelligent big data technology is often used in modern people's work and life. In this context of the development of emerging industries, China has also focused on the strategic focus of talent development in the field of the Internet.


"Internet +"; Innovation and entrepreneurship education; Development trends