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Research on the Matching Perspective of Investment Fund Portfolio and Investment Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.021


Jiong Huang

Corresponding Author

Jiong Huang


With the continuous improvement and development of China's securities market, institutional investors represented by securities investment funds gradually began to play a more and more important role. As an institutional investor, securities investment fund plays an increasingly prominent role in China's securities market. The investment strategy adopted by the fund and the performance of various investment strategies have gradually attracted the attention of theoretical circles and investors. The investment strategy of securities investment fund has become the key factor to determine the performance of securities investment fund. Economic development is the basis for the determination of market investment strategy, the stock market environment is the premise for the selection of market investment strategy, the interest game between institutional investors is the driving force for the transformation of market investment strategy, and irrational speculation and the formation and bursting of foam are the catalysts for the replacement of market investment strategy. This paper studies the matching between the construction and adjustment of China's securities investment fund portfolio and its investment strategy. This paper studies the investment strategy and its effect of China's securities investment funds from an empirical perspective, summarizes the defects and causes of China's open-end fund investment strategy, and puts forward some suggestions to standardize China's open-end fund investment strategy.


Securities investment fund; Investment strategy; Matching perspective