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Classroom teaching reform based on the cultivation of computer majors' innovative ability

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.019


Gong Fanghai

Corresponding Author

Gong Fanghai


With the continuous advancement of educational reform, the teaching of basic computer courses in colleges has established the core task of cultivating students' computational thinking ability. Computer application is an indispensable element of future social development, and computer application courses have become a hot reform topic of university education courses in my country. The problems of independent innovation learning are analyzed, and the strategy of cultivating students' independent innovation learning ability in the teaching of computer basic courses is proposed, which has positive significance for realizing the goal of talent training. Based on this understanding, this paper studies the cultivation of computing thinking ability in the teaching of computer basic courses in Universities in China, in order to provide reference for people who pay attention to this topic. According to the author's teaching experience and the characteristics of the computer course, this paper points out that the computer course needs innovative learning; This paper analyzes the disadvantages of the existing classroom teaching to the cultivation of innovative talents; This paper puts forward some ideas on how to reform college classroom teaching and make the classroom the birthplace of students' innovative thinking, innovative consciousness and innovative ability.


Computer major; Innovation ability; Reform in education