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Design and Practice of "Teaching and Learning" in College Art Appreciation Course under the New Curriculum Standard

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.018


Weiquan Fan, Lan Guo

Corresponding Author

Weiquan Fan


The formulation and implementation of public art appreciation course in colleges and universities is a comprehensive manifestation of attaching importance to art education. It is a public elective course in colleges and universities, which aims to strengthen students' artistic quality and moral cultivation, improve their aesthetic appreciation and improve their perception of beauty. In the teaching of college art appreciation course, teachers should not only think about how to explain works, but also think about how to attract and guide students to participate in appreciation and thinking. Giving full play to students' subjective initiative has become the key to teaching. Art appreciation, as the most important part of art classroom teaching, comprehensively strengthens the teaching of art appreciation, so that students can feel the charm of art and enjoy the spirit in the taste of art works. At the same time, it also promotes students to improve their aesthetic quality in appreciation, and finally promotes the all-round development of students. This paper mainly expounds the characteristics of "creativity" that should be reflected in the teaching of art appreciation in ordinary colleges and universities: according to the goals and requirements of art education, combined with the characteristics of the diversification of subject content, a comprehensive teaching method should be adopted, and students should be the main body and appreciation should be carried out. As the main line of aesthetic activities, a new teaching model of "teacher creatively teaches and students learn creatively" is implemented.


College art appreciation course; "Teaching and learning"; New course