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Theoretical connotation and practical principles of high quality development of tertiary education system

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.017


Cheng Shiting

Corresponding Author

Cheng Shiting


China's Tertiary education has shifted to a stage of high-quality development, and deepening the reform of education and teaching evaluation in the new era has become an indispensable link in building a high-quality education system. China's Tertiary education has already stood at the threshold of the popularization stage. In the face of the future technological revolution and industrial transformation, in the face of the development trend of world Tertiary education and the needs of national economic and social development, Tertiary education should take the initiative to change and plan ahead, and respond with high-quality development. The future challenges are to meet the people's growing demand for high-quality Tertiary education, and to cultivate more people who meet the new requirements of the country's modernization drive. Therefore, on the basis of data construction, combined with the improvement of the new education infrastructure system, to obtain effective data resources as educational resources Build empowerment. Based on the large-scale evaluation of student evaluation resource data, the single result orientation is transformed into a "multi-dimensional" process orientation, the emphasis on knowledge transfer is transformed into an emphasis on all-round development, the Tertiary education teaching evaluation system is built in an all-round way, and the high-quality education and teaching evaluation is empowered by digital resources. develop.


Tertiary education; high-quality development; education system