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A Study on the Political Thought Construction of Curriculum based on the Concept of Learning Community—A Case Study of Preschool Education Major

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.015


Xuehong Cao, Xiaochao Feng

Corresponding Author

Xuehong Cao


Political thought theory course in institution of higher learning is the main channel and front for political thought education for college students, and the main channel for cultivating college students' scientific, practical and humanistic thoughts. The teaching method of political thought theory course teachers is the "bottleneck" that restricts the teaching effect of political thought theory course. The "learning community" has the characteristics of pluralism and mutual construction of teaching and learning methods, autonomy and democracy of teaching and learning subjects, mobility and sharing of teaching and learning resources, consistency and compatibility of overall and individual goals of teaching practice, etc. Constructing a "learning community" in the teaching of political thought theory in institution of higher learning will help to promote the knowledge flow and sharing between teachers and students, teachers and students, and students' practical ability. This paper broadens the three teaching carriers: theoretical community, practice base and campus network, and promotes the chain, grid and three-dimensional reform of teaching mode. At the same time, it is necessary to actively improve the guarantee mechanism of organization, material and teachers to ensure the smooth operation of the reform of political thought teaching mode in institution of higher learning.


Learning the concept of community; Research on political thought construction