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Research on employment and entrepreneurship education of college students oriented to improve social adaptability

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.014


Shan Cao, Ming Zhu

Corresponding Author

Shan Cao


The employment problem has become one of the important concerns of the party and the state, and it puts forward higher requirements for institution of higher learning to strengthen the employment guidance for college students. Employment and entrepreneurship education is an educational method put forward by institution of higher learning in China in order to cultivate new talents. This paper mainly analyzes and studies the role of employment and entrepreneurship education in improving college students' social adaptability and the promotion strategies of employment and entrepreneurship education. In order to promote college students to adapt to social needs, institution of higher learning must pay more attention to the improvement of college students' social adaptability, and improve entrepreneurship and employment education, so that college students can enter the society smoothly.


Social adaptability; Employment of college students; Entrepreneurship Education