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Sustainable Development of Cultural and Creative Products Design in the Palace Museum from the Perspective of Civil Context

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.008


Xinlei Bai, Fei Wu

Corresponding Author

Fei Wu


Under the background of "Double carbon" goal in 2020, the Palace Museum launched the "zero waste" project, and the cultural innovation has entered a new stage and puts forward more ideas of sustainable design with a focus on cultural characteristics. In this study, the concept of civil context is proposed, thinking framework is constructed, future development path is explored and the research process is summarized from the perspective of historical and cultural inheritance. The study results indicate that the sustainability is the future trend for cultural and creative design. Furthermore, the core of sustainable development lies in civil context. The study of civil context promotes the development of urban cultural spirit, which provides accurate characteristic posi-tioning and development guidance for cultural innovation. As the vitality and creativity of design rooted in culture, the civil context is the essential resource and driving force for the sustainable development of cultural and creative de


sustainable development; civil context; cultural and creative design; the Palace Museum