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On the Development of Vocal Music Literature Courses in Colleges and Universities---Taking Chinese Art Songs as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/iemetc.2022.003


Yu Chen

Corresponding Author

Yu Chen


Art songs are a splendid treasure in the long history of China. Art songs are a symbol of China's excellent culture and have been widely valued throughout the ages. Chinese art songs are a kind of historical culture with special charm, and it is a kind of music with profound history and cultural connotation. Vocal literature class in colleges and universities is an important part of art education, and with the development of China's economy and society, vocal literature education in China's colleges and universities has also developed greatly. At present, as China's foreign relations become closer and closer, with the increasing diversification of social life, various foreign cultures are penetrating into the vocal literature teaching in colleges and universities. Chinese art songs are an important part of Chinese traditional culture. Chinese art songs play an important role in the teaching of vocal literature in China. The dissemination of Chinese art songs in China is the key to promote the healthy development of vocal literature education in China's colleges and universities, and all relevant colleges and universities should pay enough attention to it. The article makes an in-depth analysis and discussion on the status and position of Chinese art songs in the vocal literature education of colleges and universities, in order to draw reference to the relevant work in the future.


Colleges universities, Vocal literature, Chinese art song