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Research on Community Multi-Governance under the Guidance of Social Integration Theory: Take community T in Beijing as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2022.025


Jiayi Wang

Corresponding Author

Jiayi Wang


Reviewing the research on community multi-governance in China in recent years, we have accumulated rich research results on the community’s multi-governance models, multiple governance experiences, and existing challenges. Based on the research on the governance measures and effects of the community T in Chaoyang District of Beijing on the express delivery industry, this paper analyzes the application of the theory of the social integration in the process of governance and summarizes the feasible ways of multi-governance of urban communities in China: the Party organizations play an important leading role in the organization; the community provides an organizational platform for social inclusion; promote the social integration of community new members to improve the level of community governance.


the social integration theory, community multi-governance, community new members