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The Impact of Transportation Infrastructure on the Logistics Efficiency of Urban Agglomerations--Based on the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2022.023


Congxi Wen, Peng Gao, Yang Ge, Lei Liu

Corresponding Author

Lei Liu


Since the 21st century, with the proposal and implementation of the national urban agglomeration strategy and the country's massive investment in transportation infrastructure, my country's urban agglomerations have developed rapidly. The formation of an urban agglomeration is inseparable from the development of logistics, and the logistics efficiency of the urban agglomeration also determines the upper and lower limits of the development of an urban agglomeration. The efficiency of logistics depends on many factors, and this article will start from the aspect of transportation infrastructure. Based on the DEA model, four indicators are selected for analysis: the employees in the logistics industry in some cities in the Yangtze River Delta from 2019 to 2016, the actual road kilometers at the end of the year, the number of civilian trucks at the end of the year, and the freight volume of the logistics industry. The analysis results show that the reduction of transportation infrastructure will lead to the reduction of scale efficiency and pure technical efficiency, and then reduce the overall efficiency, which will lead to the decrease of logistics efficiency, but the increase of transportation infrastructure will not necessarily increase the overall efficiency and thus improve the logistics efficiency. Based on the analysis results, the following suggestions are drawn: (1) Local governments should increase and decrease relevant investments and policies flexibly according to local conditions. (2) The government should establish long-term and good cooperative relations with enterprises to jointly improve logistics efficiency. (3) Cities should cooperate with each other to improve the road network.


Transportation infrastructure, Overall efficiency, Returns to scale, Dea