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Analysis on the Development Environment of Etiquette Culture Industrialization

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2022.018


Xueling Rao, Wang Lijun

Corresponding Author

Xueling Rao


As one of the important components of the cultural industry, etiquette culture also presents an unprecedented development trend driven by the vigorous development of the cultural industry. For the development of etiquette culture industrialization, it mainly refers to the development mode of taking etiquette culture as the basis, publishing and promoting etiquette culture related data and video products, providing etiquette education and services to the public, and carrying out production, exchange, consumption and reproduction by making full use of the market operation mechanism. This paper makes a detailed analysis of the development environment of etiquette culture industrialization, so as to lay a solid foundation for further promoting the inheritance and development of China’s etiquette culture.


Etiquette culture, Industrialization, Development environment