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Historiographical Writing in the Internet Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2022.013


Jianqiu Yu

Corresponding Author

Jianqiu Yu


The development of Internet technology has changed the life of modern society. This change has also profoundly affected historiography and historians. The writing of history under the Internet has its own characteristics, and more non-specialist writers are involved in writing history, presenting various aspects of social life in a timely manner. The content tends to be diversified and fragmented. The Internet has changed the shape of historical sources, which in turn has had more complex effects in historiographical conceptions. How these historiographical changes have shaped the direction of historiography. Scholars should therefore pay more attention to discipline-based training when writing history, pay attention to improving theoretical thinking in history, and embark on a methodology applicable to the Internet. The combination of the Internet and history writing is promoting a repositioning of historiographical writing.


Internet, Historical writing, Historical science revolution, Historiography