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From Thoreau to Haizi: the Spread and Return of “Nature Affection”

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2022.007


Yucheng Li

Corresponding Author

Yucheng Li


The nature affection is a unique heritage in classical Chinese culture. In the nineteenth century, with the emerging Oriental fever in the American Renaissance, this nature affection spread westward and was absorbed and embraced by writers such as Thoreau, who, in their works, incorporated the Chinese nature affection into their own transcendentalist ideas based on the needs of their own national culture development. A century later, with the introduction of “Walden” and other works in China, many Chinese scholars rediscovered and reabsorbed this China-derived nature affection. Taking the poet Haizi's acceptance of it as an example, this paper aims to explore this phenomenon of two-way cultural exchange and interaction between Chinese and Western cultures.


Intercultural communication, Thoreau, Haizi, Tao yuanming, Chinese literature