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Analysis of the Current Situation and Strategies of Applying Ci Projects to Bridge the Digital Divide among the Elderly in the New Media Context

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DOI: 10.25236/soshu.2022.005


Jiazheng Wang, Yongjun Huang

Corresponding Author

Yongjun Huang


The digitalization process and the aging trend have further exacerbated the digital divide between the elderly and the young. In the era of new media, the elderly cannot avoid the challenge of mastering new technologies in daily shopping, travel, medical services and social communication. The application of CI projects can effectively help older people overcome their fear of technology, improve their media literacy, master their Internet skills, enrich their spiritual world, and better enjoy the convenience and services brought by the digital age. This paper analyzes the potential and shortcomings of CI projects through their current application status, and proposes suggestions and strategies for applying CI projects to effectively address the digital divide among the elderly.


New meida, Ci project, the elderly group, Digital divide