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Architecture Design of Large-Scale Production of Edible Fungi Based on Cloud Service Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2022.040


Zhongyi Bai, Lei ZHAO

Corresponding Author

Zhongyi Bai


In view of the quality and safety issues of the edible fungus industry, based on the relevant technical regulations of edible fungus GAP and safe production, combined with modern information technologies such as cloud platform, two-dimensional code identification technology, mobile Internet and other modern information technologies, the edible fungus safety production management and quality traceability system has been developed. Practical application in production. Guided by innovation and entrepreneurship, this paper studies the choice of e-commerce platform for edible fungi, and discusses the marketing of edible fungi products under e-commerce environment in detail. According to the characteristics of short production cycle and high output per unit area of edible fungi, the information management system of edible fungi industrialized production is designed, the product coding, production archives, material input detection and warehouse information database of edible fungi production link are established, and the traceability query module is set. Consumers and relevant management departments can understand the production process of edible fungi through traceability query, Ensure the standardization of the production process of edible fungi in all links. The overall architecture and main operation process of the edible fungus agricultural product quality traceability system based on the cloud platform, and the key technologies such as module functions, business logic, and coding rules are described.


Edible fungi, Cloud service platform, Scale production