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Research on Forest Management Based on Forest Balanced Carbon Sink Model

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2022.036


An LI, Ping YANG

Corresponding Author



With the increasing impact of climate change, forest plays an increasingly crucial part in global warming inhibition. We established a Forest Balanced Carbon Sink model to simulate the carbon exchange in order to help sequester more carbon. Moreover, we built a Balanced Decision Model, based on the Game Theory, balancing evaluations from the view of economy, biodiversity, tourism and carbon sequestration, to form a forest management plan which consists of rotation period and felling intensity. Then Our model is applied to Hongya Forestry to ascertain the best management plan. The results show that cutting period of 6.31 and cutting intensity of 0.17 is one of the best management plans.


Forest management, Forest Balanced Carbon Sink, Balanced Decision Model