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Research on the Construction of Characteristic Specialty Cluster in Application-Oriented Colleges under the Integration of Industry and Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2022.031


Huazhe Zou

Corresponding Author

Huazhe Zou


At present, the practical teaching in application-oriented undergraduate colleges has not formed an efficient management system. There are some problems in the construction of professional clusters in transitional colleges and universities, such as low position, separation of production and education, limited resources, separation of production and education, strangers between schools and enterprises, professional convergence, serious homogenization of talent training, difficult employment of college graduates and so on. The construction of specialty groups plays a vital role in the high-quality development of Applied Undergraduate Colleges and universities, making industry and education fully integrated in resources and information. Strengthen the cooperation between industry and education, build a platform for collaborative technological innovation, and build a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship between government and school, so that the construction of professional clusters can face industrial clusters, highlight the characteristic advantages, deepen the integration of industry and education, and innovate collaborative management. Build professional clusters around industrial chain, practice platform, integration of production and education, and innovate the construction mode of professional clusters by establishing phased methods. Strengthen the reform of teaching staff, curriculum construction, teaching management, school-enterprise cooperation, improve the supporting facilities of professional cluster construction and other aspects of overall planning and step-by-step implementation, and promote the construction of professional clusters.


Integration of production and education, Application-oriented colleges, Characteristic cluster construction