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Employment Situation of China's University Students under the COVID-19 Situation

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2022.029


Haiming Luo

Corresponding Author

Haiming Luo


Employment work is the only overlapping and ranked first key core work in the country's “six stability” work and the implementation of the “six guarantees”. The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia has novel coronavirus pneumonia problems, especially employment. As a part of the employment group, the employment process of college students will inevitably be affected by the employment situation brought by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Therefore, under the dual influence of the employment situation and the professional situation under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, how college students make employment choices in the employment process and what employment results have become issues worthy of research and discussion. Visual analysis of the employment market situation of fresh graduates during the epidemic, grasp the current main difficulties and opportunities, improve the employment situation of college students and alleviate the impact of the epidemic by optimizing recruitment channels, changing employment concepts, improving employment guidance, and giving full play to policy advantages. . Research shows that as long as graduates establish correct values and job-seeking outlook, and face the severe employment situation brought about by the epidemic with a positive attitude and confidence, they will be able to realize their own value in the future.


COVID-19 epidemic, Chinese universities, Employment of college students