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Innovation of Talent Training Mode of Art Design Specialty Based on Digital Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2022.027


Xiaofei Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaofei Wang


In view of the influence of digital technology on art design disciplines in colleges and universities, this paper puts forward the viewpoint of establishing a scientific, perfect and reasonable curriculum system of art disciplines and cultivating compound and digital design talents. Only by using modern information tools to reform the old design concept, giving full play to the dual roles of teachers and students, and relying on market demand can art design education catch up with the world advanced level. In the digital era, art design in Colleges and universities aims to cultivate high-tech applied talents with aesthetic ability, artistic cultivation and mastering modern digital technology, and takes the three keywords of “practicality”, “Aesthetics” and “technology” as the core of talent training. Today, with the development of economy, the choice of design talents is more urgent. This paper summarizes the problems existing in the application of digital technology in art design major in Colleges and universities, and finally puts forward some countermeasures for the application of digital technology in practical teaching activities in some colleges and universities.


Artistic design, Digital technology, Personnel training