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On the Diversified Teaching Methods of Taekwondo in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2022.024


Mei CHEN, Jie HE

Corresponding Author



With its diversified advantages, quality education has been unanimously recognized and widely popularized by people, so that the cultivation of high-quality talents by the state and society no longer stays at the academic level, but requires high-quality talents not only to have a healthy body, but also to have the quality of perseverance, which is also the main direction of cultivating professional talents in higher vocational colleges in the future. Taekwondo can not only improve students’ physical quality, but also help students enhance their will quality. Therefore, this paper makes a detailed analysis of the diversified teaching methods of taekwondo in higher vocational colleges, so as to lay a solid foundation for giving full play to the role and value of taekwondo.


Higher vocational colleges, Taekwondo, Diversification, Teaching method