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Using the Physical Optical Law to Construct the Physical Picture to Solve the Dynamics Problem Skillfully

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2022.017


Xue Wang, Yu Zhang, Xizhi Wang

Corresponding Author

Xue Wang


In the process of physics learning, often through the form of composition, to use the specific theoretical knowledge in the form of image stereo, and combined with the function of multimedia, to help students to understand the knowledge, and under the law of physical optics, using this way to solve the problem of dynamic knowledge learning, can effectively cultivate students 'subjective initiative, stimulate students' interest, but also can improve students' logical thinking ability. Mainly because the kinetic knowledge is generally more Abstract, students are more difficult to understand. This paper analyzes the concrete method of solving the dynamic problem under the construction of the landscape, and studies the idea of solving the dynamic problem.


Physical optics, Picture construction, Dynamics, Problem research