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Discussion on the Determination Method of Permeability Coefficient in Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2022.014


Guoqiang Zhou, Jie Wu

Corresponding Author

Guoqiang Zhou


The permeability coefficient K of groundwater in geotechnical engineering is an important parameter in construction calculation. In this paper, various mathematical expressions of geotechnical permeability coefficient are briefly described, and the method of determining K value through various permeability tests in the laboratory and in the field. Taking the building foundation engineering as an example, this paper focuses on the determination ways and methods in practical engineering. According to the theory of probability and statistics, combined with the actual situation of engineering investigation, the value method of K under the condition of small sample size are analyzed and some suggestions are put forward.


Geotechnical engineering, Permeability coefficient, Determination method