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The Application of the Theory of “Block Training” in the Pre-Competition Training of CBA League

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2022.007


Xiaojun Liang, Jianjuan Tang, Jihuai Wen, Yongfeng Zhong

Corresponding Author

Yongfeng Zhong


The fundamental purpose of theory; training is to improve sports level, create excellent game results, and improve athletic performance is decided by many factors, the National Games preparation period bedding have an important effect on the competition cycle, a partial pre small cycle belongs to the preparation period, many trainers get it in before a month or so, in the arrangement of the training of athletes at the same time, planning and adjust how training is worthy of discussion, this paper uses the logic analysis, expert interview and field survey on the twelve National Games and foreign scholars in the 2003-2014 about block training innovations , physiological and psychological adjustment is analyzed.


Games, Before training, Monitoring