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Research on the Growth Law of Cadres in Art Colleges--Taking an Art College in Beijing as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2022.006


Zhexin Li, Xinran Jiao, Qixuan Sun

Corresponding Author

Zhexin Li


Division-level cadres play an important role in the management of colleges and universities and are the backbone of their career development. In the long run, the study of cadres' growth law is a scientific study for the connection between the internal factors and external environmental factors that affect the growth of cadres in response to each other. By analyzing the trajectory of their growth, exploring the characteristic traits of the cadre group in art colleges and universities, and through the exploration of the differences of background factors of cadres at this level and the correlation degree between their variables, a rich theoretical significance for the appointment of young cadres in art colleges and universities, the training of young cadres in the echelon, and the training and selection of cadres has been made. The further improvement of the system has rich theoretical and practical significance.


Art colleges, Cadres of division level, Growth law