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The Research on the Construction and Development Prospect of Tourism Teaching System Based on Virtual Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2022.005


Guanghui Jiang

Corresponding Author

Guanghui Jiang


Compared with traditional educational information technology, virtual reality(VR) technology has the characteristics of contextualization, interactivity, measurability, and multi-dimensionality. Dynamic, real-time and interactive functional requirements in the process. Various VR, digital, virtual and mixed reality teaching technologies have been widely penetrated into the teaching of tourism teaching subjects, such as the use of virtual science systems, sports simulation training, and digital stadiums, etc., to provide tourism teaching with updated and diversified sports teaching methods and development trends. . Based on this, this paper takes the application of VR virtual and augmented reality teaching technology as the research entry point and explores the construction and development prospects of virtual technology tourism teaching system.


Virtual technology, Tourism teaching, Teaching system, System construction