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Exploring the Visualization Design of Ancient Poetry Based on Human-Computer Interaction

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DOI: 10.25236/icited.2022.004


Mingzhu Hu, Chao Hu

Corresponding Author

Mingzhu Hu


Purpose: To explore the visualization design method of ancient poetry with human-computer interaction, and to provide an innovative path for lower grade students to appreciate the beauty of ancient poetry and improve their cultural literacy from the perspective of interaction design, thus providing an innovative path to inherit excellent traditional culture. Method: The design related to existing language and poetry programs was analyzed by competing products. Expert interview research was used to understand the pain points of lower grade teachers in teaching ancient poetry. A questionnaire survey was used to understand the attitudes and needs of lower grade students in learning ancient poetry. Results: Through the above study, we analyzed and sorted out the learning styles of lower grade students, clarified the user orientation, and completed an empirical study on the design of a small program for visualizing ancient poetry by combining Unity3D and C# programming language, taking the type of verse with tonal patterns modelled on tunes drawn from folk music in Yuan Dynasty Tune: Sunny Sand - Autumn Thoughts in ancient poetry as an example. Conclusion: Through assessment and feedback, visualization of ancient poetry can, to a certain extent, attract the attention of lower grade students, arouse students' interest in learning ancient poetry and help content comprehension and memory. It can also play a positive role in the transmission and dissemination of excellent Chinese traditional culture.


Visualization design of ancient poetry, Human-computer interaction, Interaction design, Basic education, Passing on excellent traditional culture