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Research on preservation packaging technology of fruits and vegetables under the background of intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/gemfe.2022.027


Junling Zhang

Corresponding Author

Junling Zhang


Fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping packaging technology is a kind of modern fresh-keeping technology with strong application, which can better maintain product quality and reduce the loss rate of fruits and vegetables. In recent years, with the emergence and rapid development of fresh e-commerce, consumers' requirements for the quality of fruits and vegetables continue to improve, which makes the market put forward new demands for the performance of fresh-keeping packaging, which makes the technology of fresh-keeping packaging of fruits and vegetables present a more diversified development trend. Through the design cases of intelligent interactive technologies such as interactive technology, new packaging materials and two-dimensional code, the basic functions of fresh fruit and vegetable packaging can be guaranteed, the good interactive experience between consumers and fresh fruit and vegetable packaging can be enhanced, and the emotional needs and consumption experience of consumers can be met or even stimulated. In the new era, designers need to remain sensitive to design, adhere to the user-centric approach, integrate information intelligent technology, realize the upgrade of consumer packaging interactive experience, and explore the multiple possibilities of future intelligent interactive packaging design.


Intellectualization, Fresh keeping of fruits and vegetables, Packaging technology