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Research on Computer Aided Landscape Planning and Design Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/gemfe.2022.026


Bingyang Bai

Corresponding Author

Bingyang Bai


This paper combs and summarizes the hot issues concerned by the 21st and previous international digital landscape conferences in 2020, including traditional fields such as parameterization, geographic design, visualization and data analysis, as well as research fields such as UAV and cybernetics. The research direction and development trend of digital technology are analyzed. Interdisciplinary cooperation, artificial intelligence and interactive design will be the hot research directions. As a new design method and idea, the research and development of digital design in China is still in its infancy. As a kind of computer-aided technology, virtual reality technology is different from other auxiliary technologies. Especially for landscape architecture planning and design, it shows great advantages in scheme design and scheme strengthening. The traditional landscape architecture planning and design methods are based on experience and rely more on the feeling, understanding and accumulation of designers. They are lack of scientificity and impartability, and the design results are often probabilistic. According to the current situation of landscape industry and landscape specialty teaching, this paper discusses the reform of teaching ideas, teaching modes and teaching methods of computer-aided design in Landscape Specialty Teaching in higher vocational colleges.


garden, Computer aided design, Curriculum Revolution