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Research on Collaborative Service of Distance Education Database based on Fuzzy Clustering

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.053


Jianyun Zhou, Qiuping Shi

Corresponding Author

Jianyun Zhou


Clustering is one of the most basic cognitive activities of human beings. Only through appropriate clustering can things be easily studied and the internal laws of things can be grasped by human beings. In the process of cooperative school-running mode and cooperative development of regional distance education integration, the construction of cooperative school-running mode of regional distance education integration system and the formulation of system cooperative development strategy play a very important role in institutional guarantee. Generally speaking, regional distance education integration system cooperative school-running mode and system coordinated development strategy. The system covers distance education teaching, learning, examination, educational management and other aspects, involving a large number of data information, a wide variety, strong relevance, complex organizational form. All the applications of the system are developed on the Web. The interaction between users and the system is completed through the Web. The system uses the combination of Java Server Pages (JSP) and Servlet to access data information in the Web.


Fuzzy clustering, Distance education database, research