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Safety Technology Analysis of Relay Protection in Traction Power Supply System

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.051


Wenfei Zhao

Corresponding Author

Wenfei Zhao


If the economy allows, a traction substation can be built to supply power to it. If the economy does not allow, the rails of the depot are isolated from the rails of other main lines, and the grounding part is connected to the negative end of the nearest substation through cables. Compared with the traction network, the failure rate of the traction network is much higher than that of the power system due to the way that the EMU is in sliding contact with the contact line through the pantograph and mechanical vibration. For transformers, China's high-speed railways use transformers with special wiring, and their capacity and voltage level are greatly improved compared with ordinary-speed railways. The main substation is suitable for centralized power supply. The function of power supply switching station is to receive urban medium voltage power supply and transfer medium voltage power supply for traction substation and step-down substation. Power supply switching station is generally built together with station traction or step-down substation. Conventional protection cannot operate correctly in some serious cases, which will lead to serious accidents such as burning loss or even burnout of traction network and long-term interruption of train power supply. Meet all aspects required by the operation of electric locomotive, and ensure the safe operation of power supply system and its equipment when the traction power supply system cannot work normally and is damaged. With the development of metro system of urban rail transit, DC traction power supply system has been paid more and more attention and widely used. The research on high-performance, reliable and stable DC protection has become a very urgent task. This paper mainly analyzes the relay safety through the traction power supply system.


Traction power supply, Relay protection, Safe