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Research on key technology of self-compacting rockfill concrete construction for reservoir dam

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.049


Ruisen Qiao

Corresponding Author

Ruisen Qiao


Self-compacting rockfill concrete (RFC) construction technology is a new type of concrete construction technology based on SCC construction technology. It makes use of the high fluidity, good separation resistance and self-flowing characteristics of self-compacting concrete. The dam structure is the core link of the reservoir. Taking a medium-sized reservoir in Chongqing as an example, the application of this technology in construction engineering is studied, and the technical characteristics, advantages and technical matching advantages are analyzed. The results show that this technology is a brand-new technology in Chongqing. In the actual engineering construction, some large-sized block stones are filled at first, and then the gaps in the block stones are filled by using the high flow resistance of self-compacting concrete. Finally, the cast concrete structure has a series of advantages such as low cost, stable structure, low carbon and environmental protection. Since its appearance, the construction technology of self-compacting rockfill concrete has been well applied in water conservancy and hydropower projects, and achieved good application results. This paper provides experience for similar projects.


Reservoir dam, Self-compacting rockfill concrete, Key construction technologies