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Fault Diagnosis and Prediction of Traction Inverter for Metro Vehicles Based on Feature Fusion

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.047


Hanlin Ma, Mingyang Yao, Zhensheng Huang

Corresponding Author

Hanlin Ma


However, due to the large number of subway lines, the short distance between stations, and the frequent start-stop, acceleration and deceleration of trains, the electrical parameters of the traction inverter are constantly changing. The emergence of logic control unit provides an important means to solve this problem. Its application can effectively alleviate problems such as traffic congestion in large and medium-sized cities. At present, traction inverters are the core components of urban rail transit traction equipment. With the rapid development of urban rail transit, the work related to accelerating the localization and autonomy of key core systems of urban rail transit equipment is also advancing simultaneously. The disadvantage is that it cannot directly measure the temperature of parts such as chips and solders encapsulated in insulating materials. By optimizing the current traction inverter overhaul process, the overhaul efficiency can be improved to a certain extent. Therefore, there will be some problems in the train, such as repeated equipment setting, low replacement relay ratio, large occupied space and insufficient simplicity of system control framework. The diagnosis method based on vibration signal is the most widely used bearing fault diagnosis method at present. The diagnosis method is mainly based on document source diagnosis. Misdiagnosis is easy to occur, and the running wind speed is fast or slow, so that the heat dissipation capacity of the heat pipe radiator changes accordingly. The research, development and production of Metro Traction AC drive system with independent technology has great economic and social significance, and better serves the independent promotion of key core equipment of urban rail vehicles in China. Through feature fusion, this paper shows that the design of metro vehicle traction inverter can fully meet the fault diagnosis and prediction of Metro AC traction drive system.


Feature fusion, Subway, Traction inverter