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Intelligent supply chain information system based on Internet of Things under asymmetric information

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.044


Guilin Cao

Corresponding Author

Guilin Cao


After China's entry into the WTO, the import and export trade has developed rapidly. Because of the advantages of water transportation, the port commodities have been greatly developed. With the development of IoT technology, logistics SCM has also been improved to some extent. In order to strengthen the overall effect of logistics management, it is necessary to innovate all aspects of management with the help of IoT technology. Through automatic management, the whole process of logistics can be effectively controlled and problems in management can be reduced. This paper studies the supply chain information system based on IoT technology under asymmetric information. This paper analyzes the influence of asymmetric information on emergency management and puts forward management measures to tackle this situation. It is found that asymmetric information leads to the reduction of supply chain system revenue and information value, and analyzes the information value law and factors of supply chain system under asymmetric information. After the optimization of business process, this paper analyzes the needs of the main bodies in the supply chain, and further analyzes the functions of the commodity information sharing platform. On this basis, according to the principle of information integration, this paper puts forward a technology-based information integration architecture, which is divided into system integration module and collaborative operation module. The system integration module is used to integrate the enterprise systems in the supply chain, and the collaborative operation module is used to complete the information exchange with ordinary customers. Besides the basic architecture, this paper also analyzes and designs some key modules in the platform. On the basis of considering that the sales cost information is asymmetric information and random market demand. Firstly, the decision-making situation of distributed system in normal state is analyzed, and the problem of asymmetric information is solved by redesigning variable parameters, thus realizing the perfect coordination between information sharing and supply chain.


Asymmetric information, IOT, Smart supply chain