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Synthesis of self-crosslinking acrylate emulsion and self-crosslinking reaction in film formation

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DOI: 10.25236/icmmct.2022.043


Jiansheng Wu, Wenjing Wang, Wei Suo

Corresponding Author

Jiansheng Wu


Self-crosslinking acrylate emulsion has been widely used because of its excellent performance and convenient use, so the research of various self-crosslinking systems has been a hot spot in this field. In this paper, the self-crosslinking acrylate microemulsion with excellent performance was prepared by semi-continuous seed emulsion polymerization with the combination of reactive emulsifier and anionic-nonionic emulsifier and potassium persulfate as thermal initiator. By analyzing and testing the basic properties of the film, the correlation between the physicochemical properties of the film and the technical parameters such as monomer ratio was explored, in order to provide technical ideas and methods for the preparation of new leather acrylic resin coating film-forming agent. The results show that in different crosslinking systems, with the increase of crosslinking degree, the water absorption at 24 days tends to be the same, and it only swells but does not dissolve. Because of the strong water absorption of protein, the water absorption of the coating film is higher than that of the uncrosslinked acrylic resin coating film. The amount of mixed emulsifier is less than 3% of the total monomer, which has good water resistance.


Self-crosslinking, Acrylate emulsion, Resistivity against water