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Practice and Reflection on the Political Thought Construction of American Literature Curriculum

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.121


Fuyu Zhou

Corresponding Author

Fuyu Zhou


"Curriculum Ideology and politics" is not only a new concept of education, but also the reconstruction and re understanding of the concept of knowledge and curriculum. American literature curriculum is in the forefront of Sino-foreign exchanges and ideology, and is an important support for talent training. Therefore, the task of Political thought education in the curriculum is particularly prominent. The humanities attribute of American literature determines that American Literature Teaching and curriculum political thought education grow and naturally fit. Under the curriculum background, in order to achieve the goal of teaching "curriculum political thought" and do a good job in educating people, we need to fully tap the political thought education resources in American literary classics. The political thought course of American literature has unique advantages and great significance. Teachers need to improve their moral and theoretical literacy, keep up with the forefront of Marxist theory, and demonstrate the use of Marxist stand, viewpoint and methods to analyze American literary and cultural phenomena. As a specialized course and general course, it is necessary for students to carry out moral education based on socialist core values to explore the political thought elements. Practice will prove that the political thought education in American literature curriculum will organically integrate political thought education with professional curriculum education, so that it can play both an explicit role and a subtle and implicit role, which is of great significance.


American literature, curriculum thought and politics