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On the New Model of English Translation Teaching in the Digital Age

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.117


Jie Zhao

Corresponding Author

Jie Zhao


Digital English translation instructional mode is a new instructional mode which comes into being through the effective integration of IT and instructional resource. This paper analyzes and summarizes the problems existing in English translation teaching at present, and explores the mode suitable for English translation teaching by using digital teaching platform. At present, the English translation instructional mode in China still has some drawbacks, that is, the teaching content is mainly literature, and the structure is too single. This kind of instructional mode and content can help students master English grammar structure and usage, and cultivate their literary accomplishment. However, the lack of professional English knowledge is not conducive to students' development at work. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the reform and innovation of English translation instructional mode and establish an English translation instructional mode that meets the requirements of digitalization, so as to promote the steady improvement of English translation teaching efficiency and quality. This paper mainly analyzes and discusses the new mode of English translation teaching made by digitalization.


Digital age, English translation, new instructional model