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Analysis on the quality development strategy of university students' ideological and political schooling under the multimedia environment

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DOI: 10.25236/etmhs.2022.116


Yue Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yue Zhang


Under the background of the wave of globalization, the construction of socialist ideology in our country is facing great challenges, and the largest audience in the field of information—university students is the first to be affected by the infiltration of Western hostile forces. In the current universities, multimedia platforms are basically used for teaching, and the ideological and political schooling of university students also needs the help of multimedia technology. In the Internet era, the study and life of university students have been continuously enriched and enriched, but they are also faced with more challenges and temptations. Therefore, universities must pay attention to the ideological and political teachers of university students, give full play to the advantages of the Internet, and actively innovate Ideological and political schooling measures to comprehensively ameliorate the quality of ideological and political schooling for university students. Under the web environment, the application of multimedia teaching in the field of schooling is becoming more and more extensive. High-quality multimedia teaching greatly enriches the teaching content and meets the needs of contemporary schooling system reform. Therefore, the quality assurance and development scheme of multimedia teaching in the web environment has received extensive attention from the schooling community.


multimedia environment, ideological and political schooling of university students, quality development strategy analysis